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Sell Your House Without A Realtor In Denver CO

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Sell Your House Without A Real Estate Agent In Denver

Realtors are there to help you during the selling process. However, they can be costly, and leave you with less money for your home that you need. Without them, the process can be confusing and there is always the possibility of being scammed. 



So how do you sell your home without a realtor safely and quickly? Sell to professional real estate investors.

Purpose Of A Realtor

A realtor handles many parts of selling a home. It is certainly possible to do it on your own, but it can be complex and stressful. Below, we will discuss the work a realtor does, what you would be expected to do without one, and why Fast Home Sale Colorado is a much easier decision. 


You will need to get a value for your home first. If you want a better value, that requires upgrades, renovation, and repairs.


It will be up to you to make sure the best renovations are done to get the most value for your home, as well as sell your home for an accurate value so it will be sold quickly, but you get the most money you can. 

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Market Value

Once your home is on the market, depending on how the housing market is at the time, you should get a lot of interest in your home. You need to verify that the people trying to buy your home are trustworthy, and who they say they are. 


Open houses and tours are a great way to garner interest, but this may require lots of cleaning or hiring someone to stage your house, and a place to hide your items in the meantime. 


If people are interested enough and agree with the value of your home, people will begin to put in offers. Often, there will be a lot of negotiating as they discuss the amount they can afford, the value of the house, and the costs of the repairs they may still have to do. There is usually an inspection required in the contract as well, which may decrease the offering on your home if issues are found. 

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If you decide to take an offer, paperwork is the next step. This requires reading a lot of paperwork and contracts and verifying that they have no hidden statements. You must also fill out the paperwork correctly to prevent any delays. 


An agent is required to help with closing costs, which does cost money. Depending on the agreement, you or the buyer will have to pay for this portion. 

Choose Fast Home Sale Colorado For A Stress-Free Sale

This can be a lot of work. If you can handle this on your own, then you can get some good money for your home. However, if the thought of handling this on your own feels overwhelming, contact Fast Home Sale Colorado at 970-341-2066.

We are a professional home buying company located in Denver, CO, and are more than happy to buy your home as-is, to reduce any stress or costs on your end.